Here's what you can expect from us

We'll Find The Right

Plan For You

Our team are happy to meet with you and discuss your needs. There are a variety of options to cater for all needs. Need something different? No problem! Get in touch with us and let chat about your requirements. As each situation is unique, we understand that what works for one property owner may not work for another. We are committed to accommodating your needs by providing a service created for you.



We're committed to sustainability, and offer free Sustainability Health Checks for all properties we manage.



Trust is important to us. We work hard to build long-lasting relationships with homeowners and tenants alike.


We'll respond to any email or phone call within 4 hours between 6am and midnight every day of the week.


Flexible Fees

Don’t pay for services you don’t need! Our fee structure offers flexibility that works for you. Don’t want it? Don’t pay for it.

We are here to work for you and ensure we deliver the best return for your investment. 


It is our privilege to be entrusted with our current clients and look forward to welcoming you on board with us as well!


We'll Find The Right Tenant For You

Finding the right tenant for your property as this is a key element to the overall success of renting your property. All prospective tenants are carefully selected to ensure we are matching high-quality tenants into your investment.


Through Selection Process

All prospective tenants must complete a detailed application form which includes obtaining employment and personal references, current and/or historical rental references.

We also complete the following checks on prospective tenants to ensure we are placing the right tenant in your property.

  • A credit check

  • Tenancy tribunal check

  • Facebook and Google search 

  • A photo ID check

  • Previous tenancy references

Reliable Property Inspections

Once a tenant has been placed in your property, we will schedule an initial 6-week inspection.

After this, we will continue to inspect your property every 3 months as it is imperative standard at our business.

Additional inspections can be carried out at the owner’s request, or if we deem it necessary.