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Is property still a good investment?

The rules for property investors have changed, removing tax deductibility for rental loan payments and extending the bright line test to 10 years.

How does this change property investing?

The biggest impact of these recent changes is that investment properties are now more expensive to own, since you can no longer offset interest payments against rental income. The equations have changed: it’s harder to find positive or even cashflow neutral rentals. You’ll need to keep this in mind when you weigh up property investment.

The bright line test also changes how gains are taxed, which may impact your decision-making when it comes to buying and selling properties.

What are the current pros and cons of property investment?

Property investment is now more expensive. This will put it out of reach for more Kiwis, particularly for first-time investors.

The biggest downside of rental ownership is risk. It’s much more hands-on than investing in, say, shares. With more regulations being introduced all the time, managing tenants is not getting any easier – being a landlord can be very stressful. It may also cost you money to own your property, and while negative cashflow can be a form of enforced savings, this is a much riskier strategy than just putting money into an investment fund.

However, there is one big upside that is unchanged by the new legislation. The most significant advantage of investing in property is leverage. Unlike almost every other investment class, you can borrow large sums to buy houses, giving property investment impressive wealth-generating potential over the long run.

Is property investment right for me?

Property investment can be a good choice for many Kiwis, but it depends very much on your individual situation and your appetite for risk. You should talk to a financial adviser, and you can also talk to us about how it might impact your tax situation.

If you own rentals, the right structure for your entities is vital to getting the most out of your investments. We’re here to help.

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