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BCR Launches Digital Boarding Passes

In May 2023 BCR has proudly launched market leading digital technology for guests. Our new digital guest guide books aptly named 'boarding passes' are made available to all guests form the moment they make a reservation with us. Furthermore, this same platform gives our guests digital step-by-step check-in information, Wi-Fi information, video guides on how to work property appliance and the ability to book instantly

eservation add on’s, making the process seamless and easy for our guests.

The technology not only means we no longer need to continue using non environmentally friendly methods such as printing paper compendiums, but allows us to add, amend and change content remotely at any time.

Access to guest check-in information now gives us full control over who sees what and when, meaning information about your property is even more secure.

The first two weeks have proven to be a great success for our guests with a vast reduction in guest phone calls requiring check-in information to be re-sent to alternative email addresses or clarification on location of lock boxes or front doors. Whilst there will be continuous improvements made overtime, we are pleased to be offering this market leading technology to our guests and owners.

BCR continues to be a market leader in technology offerings for both owners and guests alike.

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